Selling Is Simple When You Know How!

In a highly competitive landscape, passion is no loner enough to guarantee success. Teams must be coached, developed and encouraged to find success like never before! Can you articulate your sales strategy in a clear and concise manner? If the answer is no, do not let another day go by without devising and clearly communicating your strategy with your team. 

Cold Calling


As sales efforts become more digital, the importance of cold calling (over the phone and in-person) can not be overlooked. Our team has over 4 decades of experience partnering with gatekeepers, devising winning scripts and getting the most out of cold calling strategies.

Customer Management


Obtaining the customer is only one step in a lengthy sales process! Keeping the customer happy and engaged can be another process altogether. What is your Customer Management Strategy? Does your whole team know what it is?

Sales Cycle


Cold Calling, Visits, Follow-Ups, Recapture. All steps in the sales cycle that need to get attention. Does your team know your sales strategy, the various touch points, pain points and expectations. You might be surprised by the answer if you ask them.

Strategic Planning


Each sales person should have a sales plan, strategy and reporting metric through which they track their progress. Our philosophy is that a sales manager should have answers before there are any questions!

Sales Training


We find many sales managers who get promoted due their strong performance, but that does not always translate into effective leadership. We help managers identify areas they need improvement in while concurrently devising strategies for successful employee management.  

Career Counseling


Are you currently between jobs or looking for a change? Our team will work with you to review your resume,  understand your value and perform a mock interview which allows you to practice your skills.  Networking training in regards to a career serach also available as a service.